After being in Ghana for almost three months, I have adjusted pretty well to most things while putting my foot down on many, which I will share soon but today I feel the urge to share my thoughts on one thing in particular and surprisingly that topic is drinking. In New York, a drink of alcohol is a constant in most of our lives. Meetings with friends are usually done over what? Drinks. Weekend brunches would be pointless without girlfriends and what? Drinks. Happy hour would barely be content hour without what? Drinks. Celebrations would be incomplete without toasts to our accomplishments, I mean there’s a reason it is bad luck to toast with water, just saying.
Love, although it has a place in Webster’s Dictionary and can be translated into any language, is perhaps one of the hardest words to define. Just as we know the very moment in which we wake up but not the exact moment we fall asleep, putting into words the feeling that is love is another one of life’s impossible feats.

Second cup Coffee Company has quite literally become my second home and boy does it feel like home, so much so that I often forget where I am. Just when it starts to feel like NYC, with its overpriced iced lattes, shotty Wi-Fi and self-important people hammering away on their MacBooks, someone walks in wearing African attire. Only then am I jolted back to reality. 

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