Second cup Coffee Company has quite literally become my second home and boy does it feel like home, so much so that I often forget where I am. Just when it starts to feel like NYC, with its overpriced iced lattes, shotty Wi-Fi and self-important people hammering away on their MacBooks, someone walks in wearing African attire. Only then am I jolted back to reality. 
I am famous amongst my friends and family for being an overpacker. I can easily pack two suitcases AND a carry-on for a weekend getaway and STILL not find anything to wear.
But I'll tell you what, I’d give up my entire luggage to have my girlfriends here in Ghana with me. My girlfriends are so much a part of me that being apart from them makes me feel like I’ve left a part of myself behind, almost like a part of my personality is missing. My girlfriends are my partners in sarcasm, and wit, with whom I could talk to about any and everything without an ounce of judgment...

Faith in Medicine

“The Ghanaian environment is not ideal for contact lenses.” The ophthalmologist said to my dismay. Suddenly I feel like I’m in class three in Motown all over again with no hair and coke bottle lenses. As if being seen with my cousin Alfred everywhere I go wasn’t spoiling my market enough this will definitely do the job.

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