#PERKS & #PITS of a Single Summer

Lets face it, summer and romance go hand in hand. Whether you're smitten by your summer fling, stayed single and flirted your way through the summer, or built upon your love with your significant other (S.O). Summers hold more defining moments for the single girl than any other season. Summer romances can either flourish under the summer sun or dry out in the cruel heat.

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When you’re single in the summer it’s a completely different experience, which I looked forward to, so much so I took it upon myself to compile a list of #PERKS and #PITS of being single this summer. I’ve been single for some time now and hadn’t necessarily been probing the dating pool; however that was months ago. Now we're at summer's end and I've come to realize Being single in the summer is very much like taking a trip to the circus. 

You may encounter a clown or three but all in all its a good time, however if you go to the circus expecting to see flying pigs you'll be highly disappointed, realism has been just as essential as sunscreen this summer.

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Extra Options
Usually during the winter months people stay holed up hibernating, some become gym rats (for whom we’re appreciative for they provide much needed eye candy in the summer), go away for school, or just don’t leave home for fear of the cold, or were diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder (SAD); yet when summer comes along everyone migrates home, make their way to the beach, show off their gym successes. Suddenly your pool of eligible singles has doubled and you don’t know what to do with yourself, like a kid in a candy store. (During the summer not only does the who change but also the how and where. it seems like there's an outdoor activity or BBQ everywhere you turn.) # PERK

However, just as they appeared they disappear, that hot cute guy with the beard has return to his cave to hibernate. The guy with the nice arms you met on the train on your to the Yankees game will return to the gym in preparation for spring break **note to self keep his number for Cancun (or where ever you kids go these days). #PIT

When you run into a cute single stranger, flirting can turn into coffee then turn into dinner then into breakfast…again and again for as long as you’d like.  #PERK

I cannot really think of any pits here… #PERK

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Single friends
Single girls keep single company and most guys do the same, doesn’t get any better than that. #PERK

However; be careful because there are some who are only acting single and blending in with their single friends it the best way to get in on the action. 
**Especially on vacation, so ladies beware. #PIT

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Summer’s end
It’s the end of summer and on one hand, once summer is through you can shake your summer beau/ fling(s) out of you hair like sand after a day at the beach. #PERK

Subsequently, there are those who fall deep and hard, with what was meant to be temporary and fun. But can you blame us? We fall in love with the allure of summer and compliment it with a romance like a mint mojito on a hot summer day, they’re both cool and go down smooth. So what, you find yourself having caught feelings and you feel silly? Could be worse…dust off the sand and have a mojito, don’t be the girl who swore she knew the rules then forgot them, unless the feelings are mutual, if he doesn’t feel the same let it go, and next time you will be less likely assume. #PIT

** or you could get all Grease (great movie) and transfer to his school/job/building… Just make sure you’ve got the leather and flair to pull off the good girl gone bad life, to impress the bad boy who pretended to be a good guy to impress you…but I digress. 
My advice would be to communicate and establish what you want in the beginning and be a big girl about it.. I know how easy it is to assume you your fling may fall for you and may want something less casual. but that isn't fair to either party, the person who got more than they bargained for or the one who's expectations will remain unmet due to unrealistic exceptions. I've been there, its just silly.

 All I'm saying is, if your single and down in the dumps about it, SHAME ON YOU! Sorry i didn't mean to shame you but seriously, take advantage of it. I'm always down for a new experience and that has made my summer fantastic! I've met some amazing people, been to some cool places but it wouldn't have been possible if I'd put limits on my summer because of the #PITS that come along with life. 

 photo c6f6889c-3722-4398-b571-bfb987f953d2.jpgso go forth, take the good, the bad, the ugly and look for the #PERKS in every situation. 

xo Shelly

## all examples are jus that examples, unless otherwise stated.
BTW the GAP makes the best shirt dresses!! just thought I'd put that out there. K, bye.
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