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Have you ever lost a $100+? Remember the feeling? I lost my prom money in high school and have never quite forgiven myself (although i still went to prom).  If you have you know all too well the pain and annoyance that accompanies it,  but you haven’t you know for sure you’d never want it to happen; therefore taking all the necessary precautions so you never do. Keep thought in mind as you read this…

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Now, I very rarely take public transportation but when I do I never take the 2 train (didn’t mean to sound all Dos Equis), but due to construction on my usual train line, that’s where I found myself on saturday afternoon. So I settled into my commute doing the usual reading and people watching, when I laid my eyes on the most welcoming distraction! A male but not just any male. This specimen was of the 6’2 variety, bald, by choice( trust me I checked the hair follicles), with the most luscious beard against skin that looked as smooth as butter, a wicked smile, and arms that could, grip, surround, protect and serve. ...Let me spend a minute on these arms though…arms ornamented with black ink in patterns so intricate you’d want to trace them just to see where the story leads… so basically he had great arms.
I am suddenly hyperaware of the empty seat to my left, and as if I’d willed it to happen, he makes his way down the aisle towards the vacant seat wedged between myself and another commuter.
So there we are, sitting, swaying as subway train rocks causing us to to collide every time the it inched uptown and screeched to a halt.  Obligatory apologies were exchanged each time and each time went back to reading the sentence i'm am sure by now i'd  ten times, all while Mr. Arms listens to whatever his earphones are whispering into his ears.  
I immediate took notice via my peripheral vision when he took his head phones out waited a few moments before turning my direction and open his mouth to speak. 
“Are you reading the book before the movie comes out?” 
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I look down at my book and to my astonishment, instead of gibberish real, cohearant words seemed to make their way out of my mouth. “I read it already in the 5th grade (I’m always throwing that in there since it was a ninth grade level book at the time) so yea, just a review to see what I missed.” Turns out he’s read the same book but in the 3rd grade. Immediately I was offended, intrigued and pleased at the same time, like ‘who are you and where did you come from ??’
By the time we’d reached 231st street we’d talked about our backgrounds, professions, hobbies, and also spent quite a bit of time talking about my blog and as he was asking all the right questions and laughing at my jokes, I thought to myself 

'are we really building on this train right now?'

 231st street comes too soon but not before he asks for my number so we can  “catch that movie when it comes out.” I agree and proceed to do the whole I’ll call my phone from yours number exchange, a  foolproof way to exchange numbers right? Wrong!!

I get to my stop and as I’m descending the stairs i begin digging through my purse for my phone, what I found or rather what I didn’t find would’ve caused a weaker woman to miss a step. NO MISSED CALL. That’s when I’d realized I’d entered to wrong number unintentionally; I’m not quite sure how I managed such a feat, could be due to the fact that my phone was on silent, ( I guess if i liked it i should've put a ring-ger on it). Each time I tell this story I get all sorts of great and not so great  suggestions. My favorite suggestions so far include: sleeping on the 2 train so I may catch him again, checking craigslist‘s missed connections, and leaving it to the universe.  

As much as that hurt, lucky for us each day is a new one and who knows, you may loose 100 today but you end up stumbling upon 10,000 tomorrow.

But needless to say I never caught that movie.

Has something similar ever happened to you?
Tell me about it. 

xo Shelly

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