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My favorite feature on my face are my lips and my favorites thing to with them besides painting them bright red, smiling, laughing till I cry and talking, is kiss. I have this in common with 90% of the world’s cultures. Despite all of our differences we all somehow come together for a kiss. (The 10% do not know what they’re missing.)

I’m a bit of an pseudo aficionado of the art of teasing tongues and lip biting, and I was dying to find out why humans feel so inclined to mush their lips together. 
Theory #1

Kissing helps gauge the compatibility of a potential partner based upon smell and taste.  

Theory #2 
Kissing stimulates bonding through the exchange of pheromones and sebum. Sebum is secreted from the sebaceous glands, which releases a rush of sebaceous pheromones when two people share a kiss. This rush is also the cause of the hot skin in a heated kiss.

Theory #3
Kissing increases arousal and openness to sex. 

Theory #4

 My favorite. We kiss because it feels good. Our lips and tongue are loaded with about 100 times the number of nerves in our fingertips. Therefore intensifying the dizzy feeling we get when we kiss someone we might like, love or seriously crushing. These feelings are intensified and make us want to kiss them some more.

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I've always found intriguing the juxtaposing actions of our lips, That lips capable of inducing butterflies, could also form words pessimism, lies and war as well as the way our lips could spit words venom, comfort, excite, confide and still make you fall in love.

This valentines day, smile at a stranger, kiss your lover, speak prosperity and practice self love. 

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