Love, although it has a place in Webster’s Dictionary and can be translated into any language, is perhaps one of the hardest words to define. Just as we know the very moment in which we wake up but not the exact moment we fall asleep, putting into words the feeling that is love is another one of life’s impossible feats.

 L-O-V-E love, is a four-letter word, but can be translated 7 billion different ways by each of the 7 billion people on this planet. Just as no two people are exactly alike, no two people share the same feeling or definition of love, not even within relationships or marriages; for it is a union of two singular entities, complete with their own personal experiences and personalities. As individuals our definition of love is built by our respective life’s experiences, both the good as well as the bad some of the feelings we have towards love are learned from our environment and others from other outside sources such as the media and propaganda. This one four-letter word is ever malleable for it encompasses so much, though it is often described by most as a feeling, love may also be a person, an action, experience, a location or even a thought process…

 As my budding love affair with words proliferates with each word I string together to decipher my thoughts, I have acquired some favorites and so far I must say that of all the words found in Webster’s and beyond, LOVE is my favorite. Love is my favorite word for less poetic reasons than one might assume. It is because love is such a multifaceted, misunderstood, contradictory, and disproportionately complex word. Sometimes inciting adoration other times rousing rage.  A word full of passion, promise, hate, trust, adoration and often times misconstrued as lust and obsession.  It is the many intricacies that is love that I find most charming, though the word itself makes no claims it is considered to be the purest of human emotions.
 However love is far from perfect, The same love that enables a parent to love each child the same without picking favorites is the same love keeps parents from admitting who the favorite is with both their words and their actions. The same love that causes war and bloodshed is the same love that causes the most beautiful moments in life.

 I find love very interesting for of in its fluidity, in that love may be present amongst enemies yet absent amongst lovers, love can set you free yet hold you captive. 
Fascinatingly Love is often associated with the heart. Just as the heart performs the involuntary action of pumping blood throughout the body and keeping you alive, love to many is an involuntary force that serves as a lifeline that allows us to thrive. The heart’s main ally however is the brain, it lets the heart know to beat consequently keeping us alive; yet so few people make reasoning and logic an ally in love.

During this month of love, I define love differently than I have in the past. Currently, love is being in the country I adore, learning about my people all while learning about myself in the process. Love is GHANA.

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